Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Magellan Strait Costline, Punta Arenas

Punta Arenas is the capital of the XII Region of Chile, Region of Magellan and Chilean Antarctica. It is the southernmost capital of  the world.

The tourism industry is growing fast in the region which is contributing for the urban development of the city and attracting 227.000 tourists yearly. There are interesting tourist attractions in the city: picturesque places, museums, historical squares, natural reserves, marshland, monuments, duty free shops and a coastline made to measure for everyone have fun.

The Punta Arenas coastline is a 3km urban platform of modern squares, footpath, cycle lane and a trail for blind people. Also counts with court for sports, exercise machines, chest game tables, nice areas for resting, beautiful panoramic view and a freezing water beach.
The people of the city are very proud and enjoying their coastline road very much.

Urban Art: like postal cards about the History of the city, 5 walls have been painted in the frontal of different buildings in the coastline road. The event was financed by the Council of Culture and the Arts.
They are more than 500 metres, in grand format and in perspective that trick human eyes.

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